Flynn R. Dubose, Sr.

Mr. DuBose was born in the state of South Carolina.  He lived there with his family until the start of World War II.  He served with the Seabees (Naval Construction Units) until the end of the war.  Mr. DuBose was awarded the order of the Purple Heart during his military service.  It can be safely said by anyone who knew Mr. Dubose, that he truly was a part of America's greatest generation.


DuBose Contruction Company, LLC

Once the war ended, Mr. Dubose started working in the fast growing construction industry in the Southeastern United States with Hooper Construction.  In the early 1950s, Mr. DuBose, his brother and brother-in-law started their own construction company known as DuBose Construction Company.  The company joined the Alabama Road Builders Association in 1956.  It continued operating as DuBose Construction Company until 1961, when the company was incorporated, and became known as DuBose Construction Company (DCC).

DCC was licensed to conduct business in the States of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina.  The company worked in both the private and public sector of construction.

Major projects completed during the 1960s were projects in Leon and Lake Counties in Florida and Baldwin and Escambia Counties in Alabama.  The company also performed work in Jamaica during these years. 

Mr. DuBose was always a great supporter of highway construction.  From the stories that are still being circulated concerning the early days of the Road Builders Association, I believe I can safely say that he enjoyed the camaraderie of the Association and it's members immensely.  He had a "hands on" management style where frequently he would be the first and last person at the job site in addition to tending to the administrative functions of the business.

Projects in the 70's

The company had a major presence in the states of Florida and Alabama.  The company completed approximately 45 miles of interstate construction in Florida during these years, including a 14 mile section of I-75 in Sarasota County, Florida.  The company also completed several major projects for the Alabama Highway Department during these years.  It was also during the 70s when the company relocated from downtown Montgomery to its present location in the Mt. Meigs, Alabama area just east of Montgomery.

Projects in the 80's

During the 1980s, the company began focusing its construction business almost exclusively in the State of Alabama after completion of the Sarasota County, Florida Project.  The company continued to bid and construct projects for the private sector.  Just a few of the major projects completed included: apartment projects at Eastdale, McGehee Place, Eagles Landing and The Villas.  Commercial site work included McGehee Place shopping, Eastdale Mall, Stratford Square and Eastdale Plaza.  Other major projects included paper mills in Georgia and Alabama.

Projects in the 90's

During the early 1990s the company continued along the same course, competing in the Highway Department business while making various projects within the private sector.  It was also during this time that Mr. DuBose led his company into a new arena.  The company began to purchase and develop tracts of real estate with local investors in the Montgomery area.  The company took an active role in the site preparation and development of subdivisions and other real estate developments.

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11070 Highway 80 East
Montgomery, AL 36117

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